Friday, July 24, 2009

My First Baby List

Like most parents, when we found out we were having our first baby, we were not only estactic but wanted to give him everything that he would need to be comfortable and to thrive. The tricky part was knowing what was absolutely necessary to buy versus what was just hype. My strategy for putting together a registry was to first ask my mommy friends and family three simple questions, 1. what could you not live without in the first few months for the baby? 2. for yourself? 3. for your husband? For question three, they all unanimously said essentially "your husband doesn't need anything." While inquiring, friends were helpful in offering other advise as well as items they were no longer using which saved us from buying items that we want to "try" but didn't know if we wanted to invest in (e.g. Euro bathtub) as well as larger items that we wouldn't have the space to store when we were done (e.g. crib)

Next, I scoured the web for other people's opinions, Babies R Us buying guide, Baby Bargains book, and consolidated everything in the basic baby items, nice to have items, and items for mom. The key was to keep the list as simple as possible.

Taking this list to start the baby registry was helpful in keeping me focused. It's so easy to get distracted by all the "cute but unnecessary" items and to get ahead of yourself and getting things you won't use for at least 6 months like bibs and baby proofing supplies. The list is also helpful if you're building your registry online first. Of course nothing can replace recent mommy friends who are willing to help you register on-site at the store and point out what you might have inadvertently left of your checklist.

I uploaded my baby checklist to Google docs for you to use and I will continue to update it and make it better based on your suggestions. Make it your own by creating a copy for yourself - Go to "File" in the Toolbar and click "Create a Copy". For recommendations, I hyperlinked some of the cells (in blue) to the actual product website, article, etc.

Hope you find this useful as you prepare to bring home your bundle of joy.
One thing to keep in mind is that as long as your baby has enough to eat, a place to sleep and lots of love, he/she will have a good start to life.

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  1. Look how sweet he is! They grow too fast.

    This is the perfect blog concept for you. You've always been very meticulous.

    Now we know your secret to getting so much done!